From concept cars to booth properties, EventMover is the perfect solution for show and tour transportation.

Concept and pre-production vehicles carry a value between $2 million and $5 million and require experienced professionals when it comes to handling. EventMover has been trained by modelers and fabricators so that we can offer our customers this specialized service.


Concept Vehicle Services

  • Our expert handlers are trained in the value of the vehicle and understand design objectives, resources used and efforts made during the build.

  • We provide hands-on management during the loading, transport and unloading, as well as secure movement to and from the display area.

  • We offer special handling of the vehicle, including monitoring designated temperature and humidity levels.

  • We ensure that unrevealed cars are properly protected and secured.

Ready To Get Moving?

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About Us

EventMover is a transportation services provider that delivers brand assets to trade shows, auto shows, special events and mobile marketing tours.

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